Oral Care Products Created
by “The Whitening GURU” and Dentists!

Professional Teeth Whitening Options for Every Patient’s Lifestyle & Budget. 




For years, Dentists viewed teeth whitening as elective products & services offered in their practice. In the early 2000’s teeth whitening was quite the revenue builder with in-office systems charging patients as much as $ 1,200.00 and custom trays for $ 5-800.00.

The landscape quickly changed during and following the economic downturn with patients/consumers declining to purchase elective teeth whitening.  Dentists, patients and consumers alike have evolved into understanding they have more options in the retail space furthering the decline of dental teeth whitening sales. Today, dental professionals must look at teeth whitening as a loss leader to overcome some of the daily operational struggles.  Clinician’s Oral Care offers effective internal/external marketing proven programs utilizing specific whitening products to produce predictable & profitable outcomes!


Building the RIGHT patient base is the foundation of any successful practice. Retaining your existing patients andgrowing your practice with attracting the right type of new patients is key. You can achieve this by utilizing Clinician’s Oral Care Products coupled with our effective & proven internal and external marketing programs. Your practice will begin to enjoy exponential growth with happy patients that refer their family & friends! To learn more, view our Marketing Club in our Featured Products Section! 




With the exponential growth of the DSO world in dentistry, it is even more important to have patient loyalty etc programs in place. Creating and Building your Brand LOYALTY must be at the top of your priority list. Most successful practice consultants recommend offering LOYALTY programs such as internal rewards benefits utilizing Category 2 whitening products with  your own Practice Branded teeth whitening syringe system. Patients will return to purchase whitening gel or be rewarded from your LOYALTY Program with your practice branded teeth whitening. Patients cannot purchase your practice branded teeth whitening anywhere on the internet such as Amazon etc… they can only purchase it directly from you!


Offering one size fits all doesn’t work for most any product or service and it definitely doesn’t work for all your patient’s needs when it comes to teeth whitening. Different budgets, sensitivity issues, enamel deficiencies, types of staining, incipient lesions etc as well as lifestyles, budget and delivery methods must all be taken into consideration.
Other considerations to determine not only the strength of peroxide, but the chemistry, as well.  With the saturation of retail teeth whitening product offerings available to the consumer, it is even more important to offer the following: 

  • Category 1
     (OTC – Over-the-Counter) such our O I C Home Kit.  Within this Category widely known as disposable strips or pre-filled trays etc as these are all self contained with no labor to make the delivery methods (custom trays). A patient will have to buy a brand new kit when treatment is complete verses with our OC Kit a patient can just purchase our O I C Refill 50 ml whitening gel pump dispenser for a minimal fee. 
  • Category 2 
    (Custom Trays with Your Brand Teeth Whitening Gel syringe or a O I C 50 ml whitening gel pump dispenser) . Offering your own Branded Teeth Whitening gel strengthens your practice brand and builds loyalty with your relationship with your patient. WHY build someone else’s brand of teeth whitening when you can have your own for less than the leading brand or the same cost?
  • Category 3
     (In-Office Whitening) This category has declined over the years with the ongoing question and clinical studies of the systems that include a light and their effectiveness? While light systems of yesterday that were a gas plasma, halogen or today’s LED there remains a valid question as to their effectiveness? Today the patient/consumer can purchase a light system on the retail market that basically includes a light that is the strength of a flash light coupled with a hydrogen peroxide gel that is promised to improve ones’ whitening shade up to 8 shades! Deception and  misleading marketing statements are plentiful with this unregulated product channel of teeth whitening products.  Patient/Consumer education is a MUST!