O I C Home Kit Whitening Gel Refill



Professional Teeth Whitening HYBRID Gel to be sold separately as a Refill for the Home Kit or Custom Tray or to be used as a Aftercare/Maintenance with your favorite toothpaste!

*  Short 20 Min Wear-Time
*  Contains XYLITOL for Cavity Prevention and Aloe Vera for Healthier Gum Tissue
*  Sensitivity FREE
*  Fresh Mint Flavor
*  Fights Bacteria
*  Created for Natural Teeth & Enamel Safe
*  Safe for Crowns, Veneers, Composites & Dental Implants
*  Professional & Visible Results after just 1 Treatment
*  HYBRID Teeth Whitening Gel (20% CP + 4% HP)
*  25 Upper/25 Lower Tray Treatments
*  Re-occuring Revenue from Gel Refill Sales  OR Can Be Used with your Favorite Toothpaste for 250 Brush Applications
*  50 ml Teeth Whitening Gel Pump Dispenser (HYBRID Gel – 20% CP +4% HP)